The Driver's Pledge

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It's Time To Take The Pledge

  • I will remove any distractions that may take my attention off of being a Good Driver!  I won't use ANY mobile device while driving – that means no phone, no GPS and no mp3 player. 

  • I'll make my phone calls before I start driving.

  • I will keep my dog or cat safely restrained.

  • I will make sure of my driving directions before pulling off.

  • I will finish combing or brushing my hair, putting on makeup or flossing my teeth before I get in my car to drive.

  • I will not eat or drink while driving.

  • I will use a hands free device if I have to talk on the phone while driving; or I will pull over and park, or I will allow a passenger to speak for me. 

  • I pledge to take distracted driving seriously and to encourage my friends and family to do the same!"  

  • I am making a commitment today to avoid any deadly behavior and I will encourage others to do the same...